Internet sales tax

Arkansas considers use tax notification requirement, online sales tax

Tax automation software can’t predict which states will expand the definition of nexus or if the Supreme Court will reconsider Quill. It can facilitate sales and use tax compliance for businesses of a...Continued

Vermont considers additional notification requirements for noncollecting vendors

Vermont legislators are considering a bill that would impose additional requirements on certain noncollecting remote vendors....Continued

Amazon to collect Oklahoma sales tax, March 2017

Amazon has agreed to voluntarily collect and remit Oklahoma sales and use tax beginning March 2017. ...Continued

Lagging tax revenue in Hawaii could trigger simplified seller use tax reporting

Hawaii is looking to capture more tax revenue from internet sales....Continued

Amazon to collect Missouri and Mississippi sales tax, February 2017

Missouri and Mississippi are the latest states to announce that Amazon will soon collect and remit tax. Which state will be next?...Continued

Amazon to collect Vermont sales tax, February 2017

Amazon isn’t required to collect tax on its Vermont sales. But beginning February 1, 2017, it will....Continued

New York wants Amazon to collect tax for marketplace sellers

New York's new budget proposal includes a plan to capture more online sales tax revenue....Continued

Amazon to collect Rhode Island sales tax, February 2017

Starting February 1, 2017, Rhode Islanders will pay tax on their Amazon purchases....Continued

Minnesota seeks to tax more out-of-state sellers

Minnesota lawmakers are again attempting to expand sales tax to more remote retailers....Continued

Amazon to collect Wyoming sales tax, March 2017

On March 1, 2017, Wyoming will become the 35th state where Amazon collects tax....Continued