Internet sales tax

Wyoming seeks online sales tax

Wyoming lawmakers have drafted a bill that would require certain out-of-state sellers to collect and remit Wyoming sales and use tax....Continued

Mississippi governor wants internet sales tax

Although once opposed to taxing remote sales, Governor Bryant now supports the idea and is calling for the creation of a voluntary use tax compliance program for out-of-state sellers....Continued

Mississippi calls for online sales tax

Mississippi is the latest state to call for an online sales tax. Attorney General Jim Hood has asked the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn Quill Corps. v. North Dakota, the 1992 decision ...Continued

Last chance for Alabamans to shop Amazon tax free

Amazon will collect a flat 8% seller use tax on all Alabama transactions beginning November 1, 2016....Continued

When online marketplace sellers must collect Arizona tax

The Arizona Department of Revenue has issued a new ruling explaining who must collect and remit TPT on online marketplace sales....Continued

Tennessee to institute economic nexus in 2017

Under Tennessee's new economic nexus policy, more out-of-state sellers may have to collect Tennessee sales and use tax beginning July 1, 2017....Continued

Amazon to collect DC sales tax

Why is Amazon now required to collect sales tax in the District of Columbia?...Continued

Minnesota won’t expand affiliate nexus standard

Lawmakers were seeking to expand Minnesota's affiliate nexus law, but it remains unchanged for now....Continued

Amazon to collect Alabama sales tax November 1, 2016

Amazon will collect a flat 8% use tax on Alabama sales beginning November 1, 2016....Continued

New York sales tax due on remote sales

An out-of-state company that didn't collect tax on sales to New York residents has settled with the state for more than $1 million....Continued