Internet sales tax

Jet + Walmart = more sales tax collection?

There is rarely gain without pain. Jet stands to expand its product offerings and gain access to Walmart’s vast network of warehouses and storefronts. In return, it could be forced to collect sales ta...Continued

Ohio affiliate and click-through nexus

Out-of-state sellers may have nexus in Ohio under the state's affiliate and click-through nexus policies, which took effect July 1, 2015....Continued

Tennessee challenges Quill

Update 10.12.2016: The Tennessee Department of Revenue has adopted a new economic nexus policy requiring certain out-of-state sellers to collect and remit Tennessee sales and use tax. Additional i...Continued

Alabama internet tax challenged

Is it within Alabama’s rights to require out-of-state sellers lacking a physical presence in the state to collect and remit Alabama sales tax? According to Alabama legislators and the Alabama Depa...Continued

Louisiana remote seller use tax notification requirement

Update 9.1.2016: It's a done deal. Louisiana's use tax notification requirement takes effect on July 1, 2017. In the final version of the bill, the requirement applies to retailers with annual sal...Continued

Vermont cracks down on remote vendors

Vermont is cracking down on use tax compliance in its continuing effort to obtain more revenue from remote vendors. Recently enacted legislation penalizes noncollecting vendors who fail to comply with...Continued

Florida sales tax due on sales sourced to Florida

In upholding tax liability on sales sourced to Florida, this case could greatly impact the national discussion of remote sales tax. ...Continued

Oklahoma remote sales tax starts November 2016

Oklahoma is the latest state to jump on the remote sales tax bandwagon. The recently enacted Retail Protection Act redefines “vendor” and “maintaining a place of business in this state” and gives ...Continued

Remote Seller Compliance: Rhode Island Follows South Dakota’s Lead

Rhode Island has had an internet sales tax law on the books since 2009. It is often called an “Amazon tax” — an ironic moniker, given that Amazon severed ties with Rhode Island affiliates so that ...Continued

Amazon Puts Louisiana Associates in Check

Update, 1.25.2017: Amazon began collecting Louisiana tax on January 1, 2017. Also as of that date, residents of Louisiana are permitted to participate in the Associates Program. Read the fine p...Continued