Internet sales tax

Louisiana Internet Tax Bill Introduced

Update, 3.16.16: HB 30 was signed by Governor John Bel Edwards on March 15. Remote sales tax takes effect April 1, 2016. To date, neither the federal government nor the United States Supreme Co...Continued

MFA Vote Promised in 2016

Those of us who follow news regarding Internet sales tax have aged since May 2013, when the Senate passed the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 and sent it to the House. Many thought the issue woul...Continued

Iowans Call for Internet Sales Tax

Expanded sales and use tax nexus provisions took effect in Iowa on June 11, 2013. Have they helped level the playing field between brick-and-mortar retailers located in Iowa and out-of-state retai...Continued

Amazon to Collect Colorado Sales Tax, February 2016

Amazon will collect sales tax in Colorado beginning February 1, 2016. Colorado will be the 28th state in which Amazon collects; South Carolina became the 27th on January 1, 2016. An Amazon spok...Continued

Alabama’s New Requirements for Remote Sellers

Businesses that sell into Alabama but are based in another state should already know that, on January 1, 2016, new requirements for certain out-of-state sellers making sales into Alabama take effe...Continued

Oklahomans for Internet Sales Tax

Sales tax parity is the focus of the newly formed Oklahoma Retail Merchants Association. The organization will work towards creating equity between brick-and-mortar stores, which are required to c...Continued

Amazon’s Grace Period in South Carolina Comes to a Close

Amazon and South Carolina struck a deal in 2011: Amazon agreed to build distribution centers and create jobs in the state, and in return, the company’s obligation to collect South Carolina sales t...Continued

New Push for Internet Sales Tax in Utah

For years, there has been strong support for remote sales tax in Utah. State lawmakers have proposed several remote sales tax bills and urged federal lawmakers to “Support Equity and Sales Tax Fai...Continued

Internet Retailers to Collect Vermont Sales Tax

Vermont’s click-through nexus law takes effect today, December 1, 2015. As a result, many Internet sellers are now required to collect and remit Vermont sales tax for the first time. Affected reta...Continued

Internet Seller Overcharges Sales Tax

A sales tax rate change took effect in Brown County, Wisconsin, on October 1, 2015, when a temporary sales tax expired. The current rate is 5%; prior to the decrease, the rate was 5.5%. The rat...Continued