Alabama Bill Seeks Higher Tax for Sexually Oriented Material

Should sexually oriented materials be subject to excise tax as well as sales and use tax in Alabama? Some lawmakers think they should. To that end, legislation has been introduced that would “levy...Continued

Wisconsin Governor Approves Budget with More Than 100 Vetoes

A day after signing the Wisconsin 2015-17 budget, Republican Governor Scott Walker announced his candidacy for president. As he shifts focus to the national front, those left behind in Wisconsin w...Continued

Florida’s Proposed Sales Tax Cuts

It’s not over until it’s over, but at least it seems close to being over. The Florida House and Senate have approved a tax-cut package and sent it to Governor Rick Scott (R). He has expressed his ...Continued

Massachusetts Lawmakers Have Much to Talk About

When it comes to sales tax, lawmakers in Massachusetts have much to talk about these days. Fortunately, the legislative session in the Bay State is quite lengthy, running early January to mid-Nove...Continued

Texas Amends Municipal Occupancy Tax Law

Texas law imposes hotel occupancy tax of 6% on the rental of rooms or spaces costing $15 or more, daily. On top of the state tax, local hotel taxes may be imposed by cities, counties and special purpo...Continued

Michigan Legislation Would Exempt Gun Safety Devices

Update, 9.18.2015: The Senate has approved Bill 364. Lawmakers in Michigan will soon be delivered legislation seeking to exempt numerous gun safety devices from sales tax. Bill sponsor Senat...Continued

New Tennessee Occupancy Taxes

Governor Bill Haslam (R) of Tennessee has signed into law legislation authorizing three localities to adjust their hotel occupancy taxes. The City of Fayetteville is authorized to “levy an occupa...Continued

Oklahoma: New Sales Taxes Must Have Purpose

Any county in Oklahoma may levy a sales tax of up to 2%, provided that “every sales tax levy submitted to county voters for approval shall embrace but one subject, which shall be clearly expressed...Continued

Ohio: House Rejects Proposed Sales Tax Changes

The Ohio House Finance Committee praised many aspects of the Governor Kasich’s budget proposal, particularly its focus on “areas that matter most to Ohioans.” However, the substitute version recen...Continued

Texas House Considers Sales Tax Decrease

A bill currently under consideration in the Texas House seeks to reduce the Texas state sales tax rate. The original version of HB 31 sought a very modest decrease, dropping the rate from the c...Continued