California: Taxing Services Could Generate $122.6 Billion in Revenue

A bill currently under consideration in the California Legislature seeks to expand California sales and use tax to numerous services.This is not the first time California lawmakers have considered...Continued

DC: FY 2016 Budget Proposal Includes Tax Hikes

Muriel E. Bowser, the new Mayor of the District of Columbia, has submitted her budget proposal to the City Council. In it, she advocates for a higher sales tax rate and increased tax rates for par...Continued

Will California Allow Higher Local Sales Tax Rates?

Lawmakers in California are currently considering legislation that could increase the maximum local sales tax rate by 1%. Under current law, cities and counties may “levy a transactions and use...Continued

Utah: Murmurs of a Sales Tax Rate Increase, Online Sales Tax

A bill calling for a sales tax increase was introduced on the last day of Utah’s legislative session and filed in the House file for bills not passed. There it sits, patiently, until the start of ...Continued

Will Vermont Phase Out State Sales Tax?

Lawmakers in Vermont are considering legislation that seeks to phase out the state sales and use tax, increase local option taxes, increase the payroll tax, and phase out and repeal corporate tax ...Continued

Missouri Lawmakers Seek Tax Amnesty

Updated 4.29.2015: Gov. Jay Nixon has signed HB 384, establishing a tax amnesty program from September 1, 2015 through November 30, 2015. A bill moving through the Missouri legislature would gr...Continued

Washington Considers Raising Gas Tax to Pay for Transportation Improvements

Update, 3.2.2015, 4:15 pm: Washington senators have voted 27-22 in favor of the Senate's transportation plan, which includes increasing the gas tax by five cents in the summer of 2015, by 4.2 cent...Continued

Alabama Needs More Money

Alabama has a revenue shortfall of some $700 million and its debts are mounting. To beef up the state’s general fund, Governor Robert Bentley is a proposing a Revenue Plain with eight options. Alt...Continued

North Dakota Considers, Rejects Clothing Exemption

Democratic Senator George Sinner and Republican Senator Jonathon Casper of North Dakota think clothing should be exempt from sales tax. They have introduced legislation that would do just that. ...Continued

Washington State E-Fairness Legislation

Update, 8.12.2015: Click-through nexus takes effect in Washington on September 1, 2015. Read more. Lawmakers in Washington State are considering legislation that seeks to improve tax fairness f...Continued