Michigan Wants Remote Sales Tax Revenue

The Michigan legislature is currently considering two bills, H.B. 4202 and H.B. 4203, that would require online retailers and their Michigan affiliates to collect Michigan sales and use tax. H.B.4...Continued

Indiana Takes Step Toward Amazon Tax

UPDATE, 3.19.13 It looks like HB 1007 is dead. Senator Ryan Mishler (R), the original sponsor of the legislation, has said that it "just doesn't seem to have a lot of legs right now." He acknowled...Continued

The First Step Toward Virginia's "Road to the Future"

Update, 2.26.13:  At the end of last week, the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate both passed an amended version of Governor Bob McDonnell’s (R) transportation bill, known as the Road to th...Continued

Amazon Supports Remote Sales Tax Legislation

Online retail giant Amazon.com has reportedly hired "the biggest lobby shop in Washington" to encourage lawmakers to pass the Marketplace Fairness Act in 2013. Patton Boggs is a "world-class law f...Continued

Democratic Governors Consider Sales Tax Decreases

If several Republican governors in the nation are considering decreases in income and corporate taxes in favor of sales tax increases, at least two Democrat governors are considering just the oppo...Continued

Colorado and the Politics of Hemp

Last November, voters in Colorado and Washington State decided it should be legal for adults to use recreational marijuana in private. It is now technically legal in those two states, although the...Continued

Indiana: Lawmakers Want Amazon Tax Collected in July 2013

Amazon is currently scheduled to start collecting and remitting sales tax in Indiana in January, 2014. The online retailer has five fulfillment centers in the Hoosier state; that's unquestionably ...Continued

Nebraska Governor Would Eliminate Many Sales Tax Exemptions

In his recent State of the State Address, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman (R) "focused on the need for tax reform." In his opinion, "[t]axes are too high in Nebraska. … and high taxes aren't attra...Continued

Washington State and the Road to Legalized Pot

Governor Jay Inslee (D) and Attorney General Bob Ferguson are in Washington D.C. today, meeting with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to discuss Washington State's legalization of recreational ma...Continued

Revenue Seeking: Michigan Lawmakers Consider Sales Tax Increase

Michigan needs better roads. Last week during his State of the State Address, Governor Rick Synder (R) underscored his commitment to invest in the state's transportation systems: roads, bridges, r...Continued