Sales Tax News

Texas emergency preparation supplies sales tax holiday starts April 28

A variety of emergency preparedness supplies will be exempt from sales tax during an upcoming tax-free period in Texas....Continued

Governor Edwards wants to lower sales tax rate, eliminate exemptions, and tax more services in Louisiana

To stave off Louisiana’s looming fiscal cliff, the governor proposes eliminating many sales tax exemptions and taxing many services. ...Continued

Georgia governor champions sales tax exemption for jet fuel

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal is backing a sales tax exemption for jet fuel, which he says will “encourage airlines to fly additional direct flights from Georgia to destinations around the globe.”...Continued

Governor Walker proposes 2018 sales tax holiday for Wisconsin

Gov. Walker wants to put the state surplus toward lowering taxes. To that end he's proposing a one-time sales tax holiday, and a child tax credit of $100 per child. ...Continued

Missouri considers taxing online sales, eliminating timely filing discount

Bit by bit, Missouri Governor Eric R. Greitens is releasing more details about his 2019 budget plan, which he calls “bold and responsible.” His plans to eliminate special breaks and loopholes could af...Continued

Maryland tax applies to sales by online travel companies

An online travel company (OTC) has been found liable for sales and use tax on its sales of car rentals and hotel rooms in Maryland. ...Continued

Arizona to reverse course, hire more auditors

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey wants the Department of Revenue to hire 25 new auditors and substantially increase its audit collections. ...Continued

Texas tax amnesty starts May 1

This spring, Texas is providing a limited-time opportunity for delinquent taxpayers who step forward and pay their outstanding taxes. ...Continued

Massachusetts governor proposes daily sales tax remittance once again

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker wants third-party payment processors (e.g., credit card companies) to remit collected sales tax on a daily basis....Continued

Arizona considers criminalizing use of sales suppression devices

Arizona lawmakers are considering legislation that would criminalize the use of sales suppression devices and services, also known as tax zappers....Continued