Sales Tax Rate Changes

Arkansas decreases sales tax on food and food ingredients

The Arkansas state sales tax rate for food and food ingredients was reduced on January 1, 2019....Continued

Floridians oppose increasing state taxes but approve local sales tax hikes

Though it just got harder to increase state taxes in Florida., local sales taxes are on the rise....Continued

California voters authorize numerous local sales tax rate increases

Local sales tax measures were on the November 6 ballot in numerous localities throughout California. Most were approved....Continued

Local sales tax rate changes in Louisiana, October 2018

A handful of local sales and use tax rate changes took effect in Louisiana on October 1, 2018. ...Continued

October 2018 sales tax changes

New sales tax rates, exemptions, and taxes take effect in multiple states on October 1, 2018....Continued

Upcoming sales tax changes in the District of Columbia

Several notable changes related to sales and use tax will take effect in the District of Columbia on October 1, 2018, including a general sales tax rate change....Continued

Wyoming sales tax rate changes, October 2018

How does your business keep up with local sales and use tax rate changes?...Continued

Missouri localities look to increase use tax collections, July 2018

Numerous tax rate changes took effect in Missouri on July 1, 2018. Most involve local use tax....Continued

Navajo Nation sales tax rate change, July 2018

The sales tax rate in the Navajo Nation will increase effective July 1, 2018....Continued

West Virginia sales tax rate changes, July 2018

Of the more than 230 municipalities in West Virginia, fewer than 40 levy a local sales and use tax....Continued