Sales Tax Rate Changes

NOLA French Quarter Sales Tax Hike

Residents of New Orleans’ French Quarter on October 24, 2015, overwhelmingly approved a new quarter cent sales tax within the boundaries of the French Quarter and created the French Quarter Econom...Continued

Israel Cuts Value Added Tax, October 2015

The value added tax rate in Israel dropped from 18% to 17% on October 1, 2015. Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu hope the lower rate will “encourage ec...Continued

Check Receipts in Brown County, Wisconsin

The rate of sales tax in Brown County, Wisconsin, decreased at the start of the quarter. Effective October 1, 2015, the rate is 5% instead of 5.5%. However, some retailers are still charging the h...Continued

Not So Temporary Sales Taxes

A temporary sales tax in Brown County, Wisconsin was levied in January 2001 to fund the renovation of Lambeau Field (home to the Green Bay Packers). With renovations complete, the tax expires Octo...Continued

Pittsburg, Kansas, Sales Tax Up for Vote

Roads in Pittsburg, Kansas, are better than they were five years ago, but they could be better. To continue improvements, residents are today being asked to renew a quarter-cent sales tax for an a...Continued

Quid Pro Quo Sales Tax Increases in Illinois

Updated, 10.29.2015 In an unusual case of quid pro quo, councils in both Normal and Bloomington, Illinois, decided to increase home rule sales taxes from 1.5% to 2.5%, which will bring the comb...Continued

Florida Tax Rate Change, October 2015

The tourist development tax for transient rental transactions in Columbia County, Florida, is increasing from 4% to 5%, effective October 1, 2015. The combined tax rate (which includes the 6% stat...Continued

October 2015 Sales Tax Changes

Updated 10.14.2015 Numerous sales tax and VAT changes take effect at the start of the new quarter. The following list is not all-inclusive but it gives a good indication of the changes to come ...Continued

Indiana Food and Beverage Tax Rate Changes

Numerous localities in Indiana levy a special tax on food and beverage. The Indiana Department of Revenue recently released an updated food and beverage tax rate schedule, which reveals several lo...Continued

California: Partial Tax Exemptions to Decrease, January 2016

California’s 2004 Proposition 57 enabled the state to purchase bonds to reduce the state’s deficit. Under the provisions of the proposition, certain sales and purchases qualify for a partial exemp...Continued