Sales Tax Rate Changes

Louisiana Communications Tax Rate Changes, April 2016

An extreme makeover to Louisiana’s tax policy that includes a state sales tax rate increase is impacting the state’s telecommunications services tax rate. Effective April 1, 2016, the rate of t...Continued

The Temporary Taxation of Admissions in Louisiana

Admissions to numerous events promoting Louisiana heritage, culture, crafts, art, food and music have been exempt from state and local sales and use taxes since October 2011. Admissions to sports ...Continued

Louisiana Voters Approve Local Sales Taxes

Sales tax made the ballot in several Louisiana local elections held April 9, 2016. Results suggest Louisianans are willing to pay a bit more sales tax to fund essential services. Unofficial res...Continued

Oregon Lodging Tax Rate Increase, July 2016

Oregon transient lodging tax will temporarily increase from 1% to 1.8% beginning July 1, 2016. On July 1, 2020, the rate will drop to 1.5%, where it is set to permanently remain. The tax applies to ...Continued

Illinois Telecommunications Tax Rate Changes

Numerous municipalities in Illinois will increase the rate of simplified municipal telecommunications tax, effective July 1, 2016. The state telecommunications excise tax rate in Illinois is 7%...Continued

Louisiana to Temporarily Tax Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookie Season 2016 is over, so if you haven’t yet purchased your fill of Girl Scout Cookies, you’re out of luck. But Thin Mints, Samosas, and the rest will be back next year. And in Lou...Continued

West Virginia Sales Tax Changes, July 2016

Home rule is expanding in West Virginia. A dozen new home rule municipalities will impose new local sales and use taxes beginning July 1, 2016. New local taxes The following new home rule ju...Continued

April 2016 Sales Tax Rate Changes

Sales and use tax rate changes are taking effect in numerous states on April 1, 2016. Perhaps the biggest news comes from Louisiana, where the state sales tax rate is increasing and new affilia...Continued

Walmart’s Move Sparks Sales Tax Rate Increase

While consumers may appreciate the presence of big box stores like Walmart because they make it easy to shop, local governments usually appreciate them for the tax revenue they generate. When stor...Continued

Louisiana Solves Fiscal Woes with Tax Increases

Louisiana legislators have come up with a solution to improve the state’s serious fiscal problems: tax increases. The following pieces of legislation have all received Governor John Bel Edwards...Continued