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Washington offers Marketplace Fairness Penalty Reduction Program through June 30, 2018

To encourage compliance with its Marketplace Fairness law, Washington is offering a Marketplace Fairness Penalty Reduction Program through June 30, 2018....Continued

Hawaii Legislature approves online sales tax

Lawmakers in Hawaii have sent Governor David Ige an economic nexus bill that would tax out-of-state sellers....Continued

Indiana creates one-time voluntary disclosure agreement for online marketplace sellers

Indiana is offering a temporary voluntary disclosure initiative for out-of-state online retailers with inventory in Indiana warehouses owned by a third-party....Continued

5 things you need to get the books in order for your small business

For online sellers just getting started, here are five tips that’ll make basic accounting easier, especially if you can’t afford an accountant yet....Continued

Supreme Court hears arguments in online sales tax case

On April 17, the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., a case that could change the way states can tax out-of-state sales. ...Continued

Marketplace sales tax laws explained

Alabama and Oklahoma are the latest states to specifically tax marketplace sales. The new laws raise important questions about online marketplaces and the businesses that sell through them. ...Continued

Hawaii House encourages further discussion about online sales tax

In early March, the Hawaii Senate overwhelmingly approved two measures that would extend the state’s general excise tax (GET) to many online sales. ...Continued

Four secrets to online-selling success

From Amazon to Facebook, Etsy to ebay and countless other platforms, there are more options than ever for artists, crafters and anyone else looking to sell items online. ...Continued

Oklahoma to tax marketplace sales, impose use tax reporting requirements on non-collecting sellers

The Oklahoma Legislature has come up with a way to increase teacher salaries: Tax more sales by out-of-state sellers. ...Continued

Alabama to tax marketplace facilitators

Alabama has enacted a measure that amends the state’s Simplified Sellers Use Tax Remittance program and expands collection and remittance requirements for marketplace facilitators. ...Continued