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5 things FBA sellers need to know about sales tax

It’s important to have a firm understanding of how Amazon sales can impact your tax obligations — and what you need to do in order to meet them....Continued

Hawaii to tax online sales, July 2018

Hawaii has enacted an economic nexus law that taxes out-of-state retailers doing a certain amount of business in the state. ...Continued

Illinois to tax out-of-state sellers starting October 2018

As of October 1, out-of-state sellers that make retail sales in Illinois and meet one of the de minimus thresholds will be required to collect and remit tax on their Illinois sales....Continued

Amazon to share third-party seller information with New York tax department

Amazon has agreed to share information about certain Amazon marketplace sellers with the New York state tax authorities....Continued

Washington offers Marketplace Fairness Penalty Reduction Program through June 30, 2018

To encourage compliance with its Marketplace Fairness law, Washington is offering a Marketplace Fairness Penalty Reduction Program through June 30, 2018....Continued

Hawaii Legislature approves online sales tax

Lawmakers in Hawaii have sent Governor David Ige an economic nexus bill that would tax out-of-state sellers....Continued

Hawaii House encourages further discussion about online sales tax

In early March, the Hawaii Senate overwhelmingly approved two measures that would extend the state’s general excise tax (GET) to many online sales. ...Continued

Georgia approves online sales tax, non-collecting seller use tax reporting

Georgia is one of a growing number of states to consider or adopt economic nexus and use tax reporting for non-collecting sellers....Continued

Newegg to collect Connecticut sales tax; Connecticut to stop hounding Newegg customers

To save its customers from being hounded by the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services over unremitted use tax, Newegg has agreed to collect and remit Connecticut sales tax starting July 1, 2018....Continued

Some cities missing out on Amazon sales tax revenue according to ITEP report

An ITEP report reveals that Amazon isn’t collecting the same local taxes that brick-and-mortar businesses collect in some jurisdictions — although it is collecting the taxes it’s required to collect. ...Continued