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Sales Tax

Canadian sales tax for U.S. sellers

Even though Canada’s system isn’t quite as complex as the sales tax system in the United States, that doesn’t mean it’s simple....Continued

5 things construction contractors should know about sales tax

You know better than anyone that a solid foundation is necessary for success, so we’ve compiled five general tax guidelines to give your construction business something to build on....Continued

Amazon to share seller information with Rhode Island

Amazon is giving the Rhode Island Department of Revenue the names and addresses of third-party sellers that made sales to Rhode Island customers in 2017. ...Continued

Deadline extended for marketplace seller tax amnesty program

Retailers that sell through online marketplaces (e.g. FBA sellers) now have a little more time to weigh the pros and cons of a temporary online marketplace seller tax amnesty program. Instead of concl...Continued

Massachusetts to Amazon: Name your marketplace sellers

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts wants Amazon to identify its marketplace sellers "to assist the Commissioner in the determination of certain vendors' sales and/or use tax liability." ...Continued

4 sales tax tips for the math-phobic

You don't have to be a mathematical genius to be a terrific ecommerce seller. As a business owner, however, you can't avoid numbers completely. You'll need some sales tax tips to help you handle a par...Continued

Are online courses taxable?

We talk a lot about sales tax and physical products on this blog, but there's another area of sales that doesn't get much attention: the sale of online courses. These courses can take many forms, such...Continued

3 reasons you’ll learn to love sales tax compliance

You've got a lot to do to run your business. You manage production, maintain inventory levels, make sure your products are displaying properly on the web and shipping correctly to your customers. You ...Continued

How Amazon’s new sales tax collection rules affect third-party sellers

If you keep up with sales tax news, you've undoubtedly heard that on April 1, 2017, Amazon began collecting sales tax in every state -- regardless of whether or not it has nexus in the state. The move...Continued

Should you verify a sales tax resale certificate?

If you sell products online, you've likely been presented with a resale certificate by a buyer at some point. These buyers want to purchase your products tax-free so they can resell them to their cust...Continued