Automated sales tax filing for Amazon sellers
Ease the sales tax hassle and get back to growing your business

Features designed to help Amazon sellers prepare and file sales tax returns in minutes:

Automated sales tax preparation, filing, and remittance
Avalara TrustFile takes the guesswork out of calculating sales tax. Just upload your sales data and we’ll tell you where, when, and how much to file and remit each filing period.
Complete coverage across all states
TrustFile files and remits returns for all 45 states that levy a sales tax. No matter how many states you file in, we’ve got you covered.
Never miss a filing deadline
TrustFile will send you reminders each month you have returns due. No more late fees, no more pesky filing calendars.
Signature-ready sales tax forms
Get a completed PDF of your sales tax form for each state. Print and send them to the state, or keep for your records.
Coverage for tax exempt sales and merchandise returns
TrustFile takes these types of transactions into account when preparing your sales tax returns so you no longer have to file amended returns.
Pricing that doesn’t fluctuate by sales volume
Your TrustFile subscription pricing will stay the same regardless of your monthly sales volume.
Comprehensive record keeping
TrustFile keeps track of all your historical returns and sales transactions for anytime you need to refer back.
Expert support
TrustFile is backed by Avalara, the leader in sales tax automation. You’ll get access to our self-service support center as well as our comprehensive support staff.

Get more with our new Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Inventory Report

Learn where your FBA inventory has been stored within Amazon’s fulfillment center network with TrustFile’s exclusive FBA Inventory Report.

Our report presents three different snapshots of your FBA sales by fulfillment center and by state to help you determine when your FBA sales activity may trigger sales tax nexus.

Our report details:

  • Total FBA sales fulfilled out of each fulfillment center (with FC codes and addresses)
  • Total FBA sales volume shipped into each FBA state
  • Total tax collected on FBA sales by state
  • First FBA sale date for each state

To generate your FBA Inventory Report, you must first sign up for a TrustFile free trial and connect your Amazon seller account.



“I have used Avalara TrustFile services now for over a year and it has been a huge relief for me. You all know sales tax compliance is a) critical and b) impossible to do without a team to help you. This is the team — they were able to set me up in all of my nexus tax jurisdictions and with about two hours of work each filing period I am compliant in every state. Done. This is the first aspect of your FBA business that you should hand over to a 3P provider and TrustFile is the perfect platform at a great price!”

—Adrienne Kosewicz, Play It Safe World Toys