Online sales tax filing for Xero users
With Avalara TrustFile Xero users can focus on their books, not on learning about state sales tax rules.

How XERO and Avalara work together

Features like these make sales tax filing a breeze

Sales tax filing software designed to support your growing business. Prepare, file, and remit sales tax faster then you ever thought possible.

Dedicated Xero Integration

Connect directly to your Xero account and sync sales tax data. Transaction data updated every 5-minutes.

Intuitive Online Sales Tax Filing

Quickly and easily file Xero sales tax returns with just a push of a button directly from your TrustFile dashboard.

Import Unlimited Transactions

Import unlimited sales transactions from any platform. As your business grows, TrustFile grows with you.

Ideal For Accountants & Bookkeepers

Prepare and reconcile fully editable sales tax returns in minutes. Manage multiple Xero clients.