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TrustFile has prebuilt integrations into many ecommerce and accounting platforms including Amazon, Shopify, Weebly, Woocommerce, and Xero. Don’t see your platform? Data from any platform can be imported in CSV form.

If you're a developer, TrustFile also has an easy-to-use API that makes building new integrations quick and easy.

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When you're ready to file, TrustFile is ready to help. File online, print a Ready-to-File form, or use your sales tax report to complete your return manually. TrustFile provides directions for manually filing returns with state tax jurisdictions.

All TrustFile users get ongoing email reminders so you'll never miss another sales tax filing deadline.

Compatible with data from any platform

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Common Questions
TrustFile users can import their sales transactions through manual entry, by uploading a CSV file, or connecting directly to their Amazon, Shopify, Xero, FreshBooks, or Etsy account.
You can enter transactions manually to get a feel for the service, but without your sales data, it’s difficult to see the value TrustFile can offer your business.
TrustFile supports eFiling electronic payment of sales tax returns in a limited number of states. Currently, this includes Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. For other states, Avalara offers concierge filing. Users choosing this option typically use payment options offered by the state.
TrustFile does not yet support filing separate local returns, but we do highlight the amount of local tax owed different jurisdictions on our Liability Report. (In most states, taxes owed by local jurisdictions are collected by the states and are included in the state return.) Home rule states that require local sales tax returns to be filed independently of the state return include AL, AK, AZ, CO, ID, and LA. For now, you will have to file local returns manually.
TrustFile handles sales tax for tangible personal property (TPP).
Yes! Completed sales tax filing forms are free with all TrustFile subscriptions. Just print, sign, and mail it in!
For each transaction you collected tax on, TrustFile uses the origin and destination addresses and calls the AvaTax engine to calculate jurisdictional breakdowns. As a result, TrustFile calculations are as accurate as AvaTax, and are always based on the latest AvaTax rate, rule, and boundary content.
The privacy and security of your data is of great importance to us. TrustFile stores the sales tax data you import using the latest security and encryption technology.
The laws governing sales tax are complex and constantly-changing, and cover more than 10,000 jurisdictions that collect sales tax in the US. Because Avalara TrustFile is based on AvaTax, the industry-leading sales tax rate calculation solution, it benefits from the 100+ person AvaTax content team—making it the most accurate solution for eCommerce jurisdictional liability reporting available. TrustFile uses your data to calculate your taxes, so it is your responsibility to confirm that the data you upload is an accurate reflection of your business.
Avalara may use your information to make you aware of other Avalara products and services that may be valuable to you. Avalara will never sell your information to a 3rd party.
No, TrustFile is optimized for eCommerce business and assumes a business only operates with one location. Many states (including CA, GA, VA, and others) require businesses that operate multiple locations to either file a separate return for each location or a schedule which lists sales by location. TrustFile does not support these forms or schedules.