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What we do

Complete required registration, application, or license forms
As with tax rates, most vacation rentals need to register or obtain licenses with multiple agencies. We do it all for you!
Determine your exact lodging tax rate
Tax rates are usually a combination of city, county and state tax rates. In most state you can’t just go to one place to determine your rate – you have to check with multiple agencies.
Prepare, file and pay all tax return form and taxes when due
Most property owners must file over 16 forms per year with two different agencies, monthly and quarterly. We guarantee all filings are on time and accurate.
Provide a record of all tax filings & payments
Access your account online for any information you need about your lodging taxes & fee payment history.
Handle all the details for you – guaranteed!
We’ll inform you when tax rates change, provide advice on taxable fees, and deal with any notifications or requests from tax agencies.

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Tax & licensing requirements are specific to the exact location of your rental property. Enter your address into our free lookup tool and get the tax rate for your location.

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