Avalara Trust


At Avalara, we know our relationship with our customers is built on trust. We strive every day to ensure the highest levels of performance, reliability, and security. We have built our platform to be highly scalable so we can quickly and efficiently expand to meet the growing demands of our customers. We constantly measure our performance against the most stringent goals in our industry and beyond. Here’s how we are doing today…

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Avalara Promise

We value our customers. We are driven to protect your privacy and ensure our products provide great value to you and your business.


We strive to maintain high standards of uptime, and our dedicated team of engineers and security experts are focused on ensuring uninterrupted service for our customers.

We are proud of our high uptime average.

All Systems Operational

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We take security seriously.

At Avalara, we know that our users depend on our tax compliance solutions as an integral part of their business operations. That’s why our dedicated Information Risk Management Team works around the clock to make sure our data—and the data of each of our partners and customers—is kept secure, private, and safe.

Using industry best practices and state-of-the-art security technology, Avalara prioritizes protecting user information and preventing data breaches while maintaining high levels of uptime.

Here are a few of the ways Avalara’s Information Risk Management Team is working to keep our services running 24/7 while maintaining maximum levels of security for our customers. 

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All traffic to Avalara is routed through a service provider that filters out potential bad traffic and bad content before it gets through. This allows Avalara services to stay functional, fast, and secure, even during an active Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.
State-of-the-art systems help keep bad traffic out while allowing free flow of good traffic. Load balancing creates redundancies, minimizing downtime by preventing a single point of failure from impacting services or systems and enables scaling of systems to accommodate growing customer demand.
Hackers happen—but Avalara is ready. We regularly hire a security firm to test each of our products and systems by attempting to hack into them and find vulnerabilities
Your data is safe with us. Data encryption and segmentation of customer information means that your information remains secure, no matter where, when or how you access Avalara’s services.
We analyze security vulnerabilities and automatically apply new security patches to all Avalara systems. Critical updates can be made very quickly to minimize system vulnerability.
Avalara’s systems ensure only the right people have access to resources and data. Regular tracking, auditing, and review of user access privileges is performed to maintain high levels of security
Keeping systems virus and malware free is a priority at Avalara. Vulnerability and configuration management systems are designed to scan systems and devices to prevent, find and remove malicious code and unwanted programs.