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Intuit GoPayment Unboxing

Today we announced Avalara's technology integration with the Intuit GoPayment app, which turns the most popular mobile devices into mobile cash registers. GoPayment now uses our geolocation engine to accurately calculate sales tax based on the precise location of a sale.

We decided to test this for ourselves, so we ordered the GoPayment card reader for Galaxy Nexus, and used it to process a transaction (complete list of compatible devices on the GoPayment site). 

The card reader came in this brown envelope. Great things come in small packages.

The package held the card reader, instructions and a sticker showing the types of cards the reader will process--Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Prior to receiving our card reader, we signed up for the GoPayment service and downloaded the mobile app. To enable the geolocation sales tax calculation for the app, we did the following:

1) Enabled the new card reader, 2) turned on the GPS , and 3) entered the item we wanted to sell ("edit items" button).

We chose to sell a cappuccino (we are a Seattle-area company after all).

You can see a picture of the item screen below.

The geolocation engine automatically calculated the sales tax for our $3.50 cappuccino based on our precise location on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

$3.50 for the coffee + $0.30 for the 8.6% tax = $3.80 for the transaction. One step remained: checkout.

You can either process the transaction by swiping a card or typing in the card information. We chose to swipe with an American Express card (see below).

Once you swipe or type, you get a signature screen, and then a receipt. And that's that. Easy, accurate sales tax calculation for your sales, wherever you go.

Avalara Author
Will Frei
Avalara Author Will Frei
Will Frei directs social media and blogging for @avalara. He is on a mission to help make sales tax less taxing for businesses of all kinds.