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USA Today: Avalara Helps Small Businesses Grow

Avalara and its sales tax solution were recently featured in a front-page story in the Money section of USA Today. The story, which highlights the benefits outsourcing brings to small businesses, discusses how Avalara’s technology is helping growing businesses operate in a more efficient and cost-effective manner and, in the process, gain an innovative edge. The piece also includes testimonials from two Avalara customers, who explain how Avalara has helped them gain efficiencies by outsourcing the mundane task of sales tax management.

Brokk Inc., a company that sells state-of-the art demolition equipment, has to comply with "city, county and state tax laws in 35 states." Before automating their sales tax process with Avalara's AvaTax, Brokk ". . . dedicated one of its 15 employees full time to managing sales-tax collection and payments." Since Brokk began using AvaTax, they only need one employee to spend a single day a month uploading sales tax information.

In the case of Logos Bible Software, once they started using AvaTax, they no longer worry about sales tax audits. "'We provided the examiner with our monthly Avalara reports, and our audit resulted in no additional tax due," said Logos Chief Financial Officer Andrew Skipton of a recent state audit.

The article draws this conclusion for growing businesses:

Identifying necessary but mundane tasks — and turning them over to a specialist firm — can free up capital and manpower. Then precious resources can be redirected to tasks directly related to growth, such as customer relations, production and sales . . .

That's where specialists, such as Avalara, that relieve small businesses of ancillary tasks can serve as an accelerant.

Read the entire piece here.

The USA Today piece also shows how Concur, a company offering expense report solutions, and MegaPath a company that leases Voice Over Internet Protocol phone systems, help small businesses gain efficiences and save resources.

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