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Sales Tax Secrets: Don’t Mess with Texas

Don't mess with Texas.

Today, my boss asked me if I’ve ever been to Texas. I have, and I definitely wouldn’t mess with it. Driving through so much emptiness, you have to think that Texans possess some aspect of spirit most people don’t. I know I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of a person who sees all that space and so few people, and thinks, “Bring it on.”

Texans take the same “don’t mess with us” approach to their taxes. In April of 2000, it was determined that any product requiring a Drug Facts panel from the FDA is exempt from sales tax. That goes for everything from Benadryl to hand soap. In fact, I was told an anecdote about how when the law was put in place, there was some unsurprising political backlash involving the state’s governor at the time, former President Bush, regarding spermicidal condoms. I tried to Google it, but I’m sure you can imagine the kind of things that come up in that search. Suffice it to say, spermicidal condoms with Drug Facts panels remain within the letter of the exemption.

In Texas, freedom is as apparent in its long stretches of road as it is in its sales tax laws. Operating in Texas, keep your eyes peeled for items like dandruff shampoo and antiperspirant. They probably sell plenty of both to travelers passing through a state with so much desert sun.

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Christina Lengyel
Avalara Author Christina Lengyel
Christina Lengyel is a writer by trade and has found herself in taxes by way of research. As an analyst, she has tracked down thousands of products by UPC in order to determine when and where they are taxed.