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Unlock Your Business Potential in the Cloud - Acumatica

  • Feb 11, 2015 | Avalara

Featured Acumatica Team Photo

We recently caught up with the Acumatica crew at CenturyLink Field to celebrate the launch of the Acumatica 5.0 release. We even got to meet a couple of last year's Superbowl-Champion Seahawks (we’re still bummed about this year).

At the launch party, we talked to Christian Lindberg, Acumatica’s VP of Partner Solutions, about the benefits of cloud ERP and accounting solutions. Acumatica offers next generation Cloud ERP, providing cloud-native business management software.

Christian, give us Acumatica’s take on ERP.

At Acumatica, we like to think of Cloud ERP and Cloud Accounting Software as tools for helping small and medium businesses unlock their business potential, and our suite of business software is written specifically with that goal in mind.

For so many of our business partners, the biggest investments they make are in human resources, inventory, and fixed assets; managing those resources well and consistently involves empowering people to work more effectively. That's what ERP is all about.

So what’s the difference between Acumatica Cloud ERP and all the other ERP solutions out there?

One of the biggest differences between Cloud ERP and traditional ERP is the freedom of movement; because it is browser-based, Acumatica can be accessed from anywhere. So if employees are remote, on the road, or based in multiple locations, they can access the systems in exactly the same way, with the same data. Since ERP is ultimately about empowerment, the Cloud ERP simply enhances the capability of employees to observe, own, and act to the fullest by giving them access to the information they need, from any location.

How does this relate to your partnership with Avalara?

Avalara is a critical component in delivering a modern cloud solution, and we have a tight integration between our two solutions. Avalara provides fully automated sales tax compliance and helps customers meet and stay up to date on regulatory requirements.

Who can benefit from the Acumatica + Avalara partnership?

Acumatica is focused on smaller to midsize businesses that really need an end-to-end compliance and accounting solution. We see the clearest benefits to that segment, and as industry moves into this period of widespread Cloud-adoption, we can see efficiency gains that apply to many areas of business.

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