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Understanding Amazon Seller Central Account Information

  • Apr 26, 2015 | Ryan O'Donnell

If you're just getting started selling on Amazon, there is a lot of information to digest. Customer service, tax identification, sales tax, charge methods...it's enough to derail the average craft seller. Fear not! The complexity of setting up an Amazon Seller Central account is not as overwhelming as it might appear. We've taken a look at Seller Account Information fields and have offered some guidance for new online sellers.

Be sure to check out our Amazon Sales Tax Guide if you're looking for help setting up tax collection within your Amazon Seller Central account.

Amazon Seller Account Information

Amazon Seller Central Setup

Selling Plan

Selling on Amazon

There are two types of selling plans: Individual and Professional. The Individual plan is a pay-as-you-go plan that charges the seller $0.99 for each item sold. The Professional plan is a monthly subscription plan costing $39.99 per month.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon offers sellers Fulfillment by Amazon, a fulfillment service that handles a variety of logistical and business tasks including order fulfillment, inventory management, customer service, and business guidance.

Amazon Webstore (deprecated)

Although no longer available to new Amazon Sellers, the Amazon Webstore service set sellers up with a full ecommerce solution to power a standalone website.

Amazon Product Ads

For sellers who want to advertise their products on Amazon and drive traffic to their own site, Amazon Product Ads offer an option. Advertisers can import their product catalog or have an Amazon expert set things up for you.

Listings Status

Current Status of Listings

There are only two statuses your Amazon Seller Central account can be in: Active and Inactive. If your account is in an Inactive state, none of your products will be visible or available for purchase.

Seller Information

Display Name

The display name is typically set up at the time of registration and is the name customers will see when viewing a product you have for sale.

Customer Service E-mail

Be sure to add a valid email address so customers with questions can get in touch.

Customer Service Reply-to E-mail

The reply-to email may be different than the customers service e-mail, but in order to have a back-and-forth email thread, be sure to include this address—even if it is the same as your customer service email address.

Customer Service Phone

If you really want to be available and you have the bandwidth to support it, a customer service phone number is a great way to be available for customer support. It should be noted this field is optional.

Storefront Link

The storefront link gives sellers the opportunity to set up a vanity URL for their storefront. Customers may access your store using this link. It can be very useful when running marketing campaigns that showcase a link.

Business Address

The business address field allows sellers to enter the location of their business. Although not critical during the setup process, it should be noted by the seller that the home state is where most Amazon businesses have to think about sales tax and nexus.

Legal Entity

Legal Name

The legal name of your business. This is frequently not the same as your display name.

Tax Identity Information

During the registration process, Amazon offers seller the opportunity to complete the Tax Interview Wizard. If this is not completed, the field will read, "None". The wizard can be launched directly from the account information page. If this information is not completed, Amazon reserves the right to suspend your account.

Deposit Method

Bank Account Information

Make sure you have a valid bank account on file so Amazon can collect sales proceeds and transfer them to your bank. Setup is easy with Amazon asking for bank name, location, routing number, and account number.

Charge Method

Payment Method

Enter a valid payment method here. It should be noted that Professional account fees ($39.99 monthly fee) are debited from sales proceeds. However, if there were no sales during the period in question, the charge would fall to the payment method you have on file.

Return Information

Return Address

Provide an address for customers to ship returns to.

Sales tax rates, rules, and regulations change frequently. Although we hope you'll find this information helpful, this blog is for informational purposes only and does not provide legal or tax advice.
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