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Utilizing Etsy Seller Tools for Your Store's Success

Etsy is the largest handmade goods marketplace available, with millions of listings and thousands of stores. If you are an artisan, someone who supplies artisans or a vintage seller, it's one of the most important places to have an Internet presence. Etsy's evolution over the years has introduced a wide variety of seller tools for Etsy stores, providing you with a number of ways to set yourself up for success.

Featured Listings and Custom Listing Order

The most successful Etsy shops have hundreds of listings, which means that your best sellers can get lost in the shuffle. You have two Etsy seller tools to combat the signal-to-noise ratio and show off your most attention-grabbing items as soon as the potential customer reaches your page. The first is the Featured Listing option. Each listing has a star on it in your Listing Manager. When you click the star, it designates that item as a featured listing, which will appear at the top of your page and will be the first items underneath your shop announcement. Want even more control over what your potential customers see? You can set a custom listing view with complete control over the listing order, which will show customers a customer order instead of the latest listings.

Etsy Listings Manager

Shipping Labels

There's no need to go through a third-party service when you're dealing with smaller shipping numbers on Etsy. As your store becomes more successful, you may want to consider another service, but Etsy has a built-in shipping label feature that appears next to the sale information when someone purchases your item. It's a two-click process that streamlines the shipping process.

Etsy Label Creator

Search Terms

On the bottom of each listing, there's an entire section for various types of search terms, which provides Etsy's search engine with a way to display your item to relevant audiences. You have 13 tags to describe your item, and you can use general keywords or specific themes. The materials section lets you specify exactly what went into making the piece. There's also drop-down lists with occasion, style, and recipient to help shoppe sort by gift giving occasions.

Etsy Product Tags

Promoted Listings

Etsy has a search advertising feature that displays selected products in promoted spaces. Similar to search engine marketing, you choose a term and your product gets displayed when someone searches for the term. If a person clicks through to your product, you get charged the cost per click price. The exact cost of advertising on Etsy depends on your search term, its volume and how much competition exists around the term.

When setting up promoted listings on Etsy, you'll be asked to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Promoted Listings management page within your Etsy account.
  2. Choose the items you would like to advertise in the Etsy marketplace.
  3. Set your daily maximum spend amount. This will determine how much you are willing to spend on ads.
  4. Etsy will automatically conduct an auction for the available ad space.
  5. Depending on the outcome of the auction, your items may appear as Promoted Listings either at the top or middle of a search results page.
  6. If an Etsy visitor clicks on your Promoted Listing, you'll be charged your winning bid amount.

On-Page Photo Cropping

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and that's especially true when it comes to Etsy. There are millions of listings, so no matter how obscure your category is, chances are you're going to have some competition. You want to make the best impression with your search result and product page pictures. Etsy has an on-page photo cropping tool to help you present the best available pictures for your listing.

Shop Stats

This is one of the most important seller tools available. The shop stats gives you vital information such as how many views a product had, how many sales, the amount of times you renewed the item and how many people added it to favorites. These stats allow you to identify your best performing items so you maximize your conversion chances.

Etsy Shop Stats

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