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5 Tools for Increasing Your Productivity as an eBay Seller

  • May 2, 2015 | Ryan O'Donnell

eBay is the way tens of thousands of people make their living and where countless others supplement their income. However, many eBay sellers are selling themselves short when they fail to use the right tools to increase productivity, automate selling, reduce shipping tasks, and better respond to customer needs. In order to get the most from eBay, consider using these 5 tools, and you'll notice your eBay selling experience is more productive on nearly every level.

Turbo Lister

Turbo Lister is a free piece of software that every eBay seller should be using. The program allows you to easily customize and design your listings to get exactly the look and format you want to show buyers. You can then save the templates that work best for you and automatically reuse them next time you list your items. With Turbo Lister, you can then quickly upload items in bulk and then easily edit their look afterwards. Turbo Lister also has integrated search tools that allow you to find one of your listings in seconds. It may be a simple tool, but it helps make the listing process much more smooth and effective.

Terapeak Research

Terapeak Marketplace Research is a valuable asset that helps you ensure you aren't entering the eBay seller's market blindly. With Terapeak, you can track which items are selling hot right now and also learn ways to make your existing products more attractive to buyers. Terapeak allows you to see which keywords are the most searched, compare item prices to decide how much you should be selling your products for and helps you determine which times are best to list products. It's the type of software that offers you a data-driven approach to eBay selling that can really pay off.

Avalara AvaTax

Many eBay sellers complain about complicated tax rules and reporting that make running an eBay business a bit of a headache. Thankfully, there is some great sales tax software out there. Avalara AvaTax helps you accurately gauge sales tax across 12,000 jurisdictions, aids you in understanding sourcing tax code rules, and even helps you validate addresses that you're shipping to.

Avalara AvaTax comes with a lightening fast engine that can help you look up hundreds of thousands of product tax rules, which means no matter what you're selling, Avalara has got you covered. After you make your sale, AvaTax generates detailed reports and summaries so you always know where you stand on your eBay sales tax costs.

If you're not quite ready for AvaTax, you've come to the right place. Avalara TrustFile gives eBay sellers the power of the AvaTax sales tax calculation engine through an online SaaS interface. Sign up for an account and get your free liability report.

Selling Manager Pro

Selling Manager Pro allows you to manage your inventory, automatically relist products that didn't sell, and generates monthly sales reports. However, one of its most important features is the option to monitor and handle feedback through this program. Your seller rating is greatly tied to eBay success. Selling Manager Pro allows you to automatically leave feedback to your buyer right after a sale is made. The program also automatically alerts you if negative feedback from a buyer is received, allowing you to promptly respond and attempt to resolve any issue.


In the end, shipping is a huge factor for success on eBay. ShipRush is a free shipping tool that offers bulk shipping options, tracks your sales to quickly print shipping labels, generates tracking numbers, and has combined shipping options. ShipRush also sends automatic e-mails to buyers with shipping information, the buyer's tracking number, and an option for a buyer to leave feedback on the sales process. ShipRush directly integrates into your eBay seller's account, which means all sales are automatically transferred to ShipRush's interface so you can quickly get started on shipping your sale each time.

Using the above software will streamline the eBay selling process, free up time for you to enjoy life, drive sales, and increase customer satisfaction. If you aren't using these tools, now is the time to integrate them into your own eBay selling strategy.

Sales tax rates, rules, and regulations change frequently. Although we hope you'll find this information helpful, this blog is for informational purposes only and does not provide legal or tax advice.
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Ryan O'Donnell
Avalara Author Ryan O'Donnell