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5 Benefits to Selling on eBay

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  • Jun 22, 2015 | Suzanne Kearns

Are you a seller looking for the best ecommerce site to set up shop? You have many to choose from, which is why we’ve decided to analyze the most popular ones so you can compare the benefits before deciding which one is right for you.

So far, we’ve talked about the many benefits of selling on WooCommerce and Amazon, and now it’s time to tackle one of the largest sites in the ecommerce arena: eBay. If you are considering selling on this 20-year-old site, here are some of the benefits you can expect.


Customers From Around the World

A spokesperson from eBay says that sellers connect with more than 155 million buyers from around the world. In fact, 97 percent of commercial sellers on eBay export to an average of thirty countries. Compare that to the 1-2 percent of traditional businesses that export to only 2 to 3 different markets.

And eBay makes exporting easy with its Global Shipping Program. Sellers simply ship their products to Pitney Bowes, which manages the shipping and customs process for eBay sellers. Pitney Bowes then arranges delivery to international buyers.

The Sky’s the Limit on Product Sales

Sites like Amazon have a central catalog of products one can sell, and if your product isn’t on the list you will likely have problems posting your item for sale.

By contrast, eBay doesn’t restrict what type of products you can sell, with a few exceptions. For instance, you can sell vintage, handcrafted, or one-of-a-kind items, and eBay buyers tend to use the site to look for just these types of things.

You Can Brand Your eBay Store

According to the eBay spokesperson, it’s possible to brand your store when selling on eBay. For instance, you have the option of creating a store billboard, displaying your logo, choosing the products you want highlighted when someone visits your store, allowing customers to search your store, asking visitors to sign up for your newsletter, and making it easy for customers to interact with your store’s social media platforms.

eBay Offers Seller Flexibility

eBay acts as a partner to sellers, which allows them to achieve success in the global marketplace. And as a partner, eBay doesn’t dictate to sellers what they can and cannot do in their own stores.

For instance, sellers set their own returns policies and shipping fees, if any. They also upload the photos they want to use for their listings, and write their own product descriptions.

Seller Tools Abound

eBay is continually building tools to create a level field for sellers and provide a frictionless selling experience. For example, sellers are offered discounts for the products used to run their stores, and they have the ability to print out shipping labels at a discount, track and analyze their sales, receive instant payment from PayPal, import their listings into their own system, and manage their store with a personalized dashboard.

In addition to the above benefits, eBay is on the move, with a fierce determination to provide the premier ecommerce option in the world to both buyers and sellers.

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