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5 Benefits to Selling on Etsy

In days gone by, selling crafts, vintage, artisanal, or handmade items was all about craft shows and fairs. But everything changed 10 years ago when the ecommerce site Etsy came along. This elegant site has taken the art of selling crafts to a whole new level.

Now it’s possible for artisans to display their wares just like any other professional retailer. In this series, we've discussed the benefits of selling on WooCommerce, Amazon, and eBay. Here are five benefits you’ll get when you sell your crafts and homemade products on Etsy.

1. The customer base is targeted

People don’t shop on Etsy for standardized consumer goods or products they can find on other sites. Instead, they log on to look for unique, hand-crafted items that they can’t find anywhere else. And with Etsy’s 20.8 million active buyers, sellers enjoy access to a huge targeted market. In fact, Etsy sellers sold $1.93 billion in goods last year.

2. You can create custom orders

Sellers have the option of allowing customers to request customized versions of their products in order to receive one-of-a-kind products. This can be done on one product in a seller’s store or for every product listed. Sellers communicate directly with their customers to create products just for them. Etsy limits the turnaround time on custom orders to 6-8 weeks.

3. Collective stores give sellers options

For crafters who don’t want to produce mass amounts of product or want to be able to take time off for vacations or other events, Etsy allows sellers to set up collective stores. A few artists come together and combine their products to make a bigger store than they each could individually. One person—the shopkeeper—is responsible for collecting customer payments and disbursing them to the right artisans.

4. The site facilitates wholesale business

Etsy sellers aren’t limited to only selling to retail clients. Etsy Wholesale allows sellers to pay a one-time $100 fee and 3.5 percent of their sales to gain access to wholesale clients who are looking for unusual, hand-crafted items to put in their stores. There is a set of criteria that each seller must meet in order to qualify.

5. A crowdfunding option engages buyers

Earlier this week, Etsy launched the Fund on Etsy pilot program for U.S. sellers, which will run until August 16. This crowdfunding platform offers sellers a convenient way to ask their customers to fund new product designs, and a way for buyers to be involved in a product from conception to completion. The site will announce how it will go forward with the program after collecting feedback from the pilot program.

In addition to all of the benefits listed above, Etsy sellers can choose to become a part of a large community of sellers that form teams, offer coupons, shares ideas in a forum, and gets together once a year to help creative people in underserved communities get started on their own entrepreneurial ventures.

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