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3 Tips for Making the Move from Etsy to Your Own Website

  • May 18, 2016 | Stephanie Faris

Online marketplaces give new business owners access to a large customer base who purchase directly through the system regardless of who is selling a product. While this can boost sales and provide income, it doesn’t help a business build long-term loyal customers. That type of loyalty comes from directing customers to an online storefront, where they can make purchases and sign up for email offers that will bring them back to buy additional items.

With more than 54 registered members as of late 2014, Etsy is one of the best places to sell your handmade items. The first step is to set up a store that features items similar to the ones you’re selling on Etsy. Once you’ve established that, you can begin moving shoppers over to your own site, which will allow you to save money on Etsy fees and gain control over your traffic. Here are a few tips for shifting customers from Etsy to your own ecommerce site.

Create Consistent Branding

In some cases, businesses can incorporate their branding into the products themselves. This could be a tag on a piece of clothing or a printed name. Your business name should make it easy for customers to find your website. If you can’t incorporate your branding into the product, include a business card and use packaging with your logo and website address. This will direct traffic toward your online store, especially if your items are given as gifts.

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Include Coupons with Shipments

A coupon is one of the best ways to direct customers to purchase directly from you the next time. Slip a card into each package promising a small percentage off when a designated coupon code is entered at your website. This will not only bring you more customers, but it will also help you easily spot those shoppers who came to your site after purchasing something from you on Etsy. Once customers buy from you, they can then opt in to receive future promotional offers from you, which will continue to direct them to buy through your site instead of your Etsy store.

Focus on New Marketing Efforts

The biggest challenge you’ll face in building your own business is getting the word out about it. You’ll no longer be able to rely solely on the traffic Etsy brings your way. Make sure your item descriptions are optimized to rank well in search results and set up your pages to allow customers to leave reviews for their purchases. If you participate in events such as craft fairs, offer a business card to each person who stops by your booth. You can encourage participants to take the card by attaching it to a small giveaway that further promotes the products you offer.

Etsy introduces crafters to new customers, but the site’s fees can cut into a business’s profits. Whether you’re new to Etsy or you’ve been selling through the platform for a while, it’s time to consider moving some of that traffic to your own store, where you can take your business to the next level.

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