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How To Expand Your Brand Beyond Amazon

  • May 23, 2016 | Avalara

When running a business, your goal is usually to continue to grow it as much as possible. An Amazon business is no different.

Selling private label products on Amazon is very lucrative, and it already has the makings of a successful online store.

In my experiences with ecommerce so far, I have seen that people who sell their own branded products become successful faster because their business is harder to copy -- it is unique.

Even if you are not selling private label products and reselling others' products instead, you can still implement the strategies in this post. If you can afford to resell products on Amazon, you’re probably enjoying healthy enough margins to be able to pay Amazon’s 15 percent commission and still make a profit for yourself.

Amazon’s Limitations

Amazon is quite a closed system, and they don’t take very kindly to any suggestion of their customers of going elsewhere.

That means you can’t link to external websites in the buyer-seller messaging system, and you can’t even include promotional materials in your product packaging.

Essentially, to build a brand beyond Amazon, you’ll have to start from scratch.

Build an Online Store

To take control of your brand and really give it some more exposure, you’ll have to start your own online store.

You won’t be competing against yourself with your store, but you’ll actually be putting yourself in front of people that may not have seen you before.

Some businesses like Studio Neat offer their customers an option to either buy directly from their store or go to Amazon.

A big advantage you have here is that you’re already making money from your Amazon business, which you can invest into your online store/presence.

Brainstorm How Your Brand Will Take Shape

The best way to build your brand is around your customers. Amazon sellers sometimes sell quite a wide variety of products that appeal to an even wider variety of customers, so you don’t just want to dump all of your products together and turn into a department store. It is much easier to build a brand around a specific group of customers or a set of products that appeal to a similar customer base. 

You could even build out multiple brands under one larger umbrella. Each brand could have its own website and social media profiles. A company that does this very successfully is Hayneedle. They have multiple stores in a wide variety of niches, all under the Hayneedle umbrella.


As the saying goes, you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Sticking solely with Amazon is staking too much in just one place. To protect yourself and ensure the continued growth of your business, you must seriously consider expanding and growing your brand.

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