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4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Etsy Sellers

  • Jul 2, 2016 | Gene Marks

Is your store buried deep down in Etsy purgatory? Not getting enough traffic? No luck showing up high on Etsy searches?

Don’t quit just yet.

Have you considered promoting your store on social media?

BI Intelligence reported rapid growth in social media referral sales in 2015. In fact, 50 percent of online traffic that converted to sales were driven by Facebook alone.

If you’re not promoting on social media, you’re losing out on sales.

To help, we put together these four tips to help get your social media marketing going.

1. Make your Etsy store more social

Start by creating social profiles for your store separate from your personal accounts.

Facebook gives you the option to create a page that’s just for business. There’s a feature to integrate your Etsy store with your Facebook page through the Etsy Store App for Facebook pages.  Pinterest has a business page option that allows you to directly promote on the platform without violating community guidelines. You can also convert your existing Pinterest account. Many Etsy sellers also swear by Instagram as a good platform to market their Etsy stores.

On your pages, you can post updates from your Etsy store. Updated a listing? Having a sale or a promo? New releases? Facebook generates clickable photos and excerpts for links. Instagram allows one link in the profile bio. Pinterest has no posting limits for boards and pins.

2. Don’t forget to sell

People on social media could be quick to snap back at you if you’re too salesy. However, this is not a reason to dropping selling altogether. Showcase your work on your profiles but ensure that visitors know you’re selling your products.

Share direct links to your listings. It’s also okay to sometimes post blatantly promotional photos. A good way around this is by holding occasional contests and promos for your social media followers.

3. Brush up on your photography skills

Photos are the best way to stand out on social media. They’re clickable and they allow you to show off your creativity and branding.

Here are a few tips.

  • Take photos of both finished products and works in progress: Etsy buyers put value on the fact that products you sell are handmade. Show them the process through photos. Use the hashtag #WIP so your work could be found easily.
  • Learn the rule of thirds: Divide the photograph in your mind into three vertical panels. Frame your product on the first or third panel.
  • Play with the lighting: Much of your branding on social media could be tweaked through the lighting of your photos. Go dark or go sunny-bright. It all depends on your branding choices and the nature of your product.
  • Angles and close ups: Fashion accessories are best photographed when worn. Crafts could shine when details are highlighted through close-ups.  
  • Use photo-editing tools: Take a good photo then make it great by editing. Even when you’re just using your phone for photography, there are a lot of apps that help take your photos to the next level. VSCO, Snapseed, and Cymera are apps that let you edit right on your phone.

4. Keep social media social

Too many businesses put up social media profiles then leave the rest to tools and automation. Sure, using tools that help you schedule posts ahead will help you keep your accounts active. However, as an Etsy seller, the point of being on social media is to promote your business. Do this by engaging with your visitors. This is how you build a solid following as well.

Respond to comments. Post updates about your creative process. Let them know there’s a person behind the products! Avoid paying for services that assure thousands of followers. They are most likely fake, program-controlled accounts.

Capture the imagination and favor of your online audience by being present on platforms they frequent. Put on your marketing pants and start promoting your Etsy store on social media.

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It's Gene!
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