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It’s now even easier to Manage and Analyze Exemption Info with CertCapture

  • Jul 14, 2016 | Avalara

Consistently keeping tabs on your company’s sales and use tax compliance is a critical component of productivity and profitability, but the reporting that’s required to achieve this often requires hours of data extraction and organization.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce a new suite of reporting features for Avalara CertCapture, making it the industry’s only exemption certificate management system with data visualization capabilities. These new capabilities transform CertCapture from a document storage system into a full-service audit risk management platform.

Now, easy-to-visualize reports can be created in a few clicks to empower key decision makers with real-time insights on compliance risk. Line graphs, pie charts and other visuals make it easy to quickly identify missing and invalid exemption certificates, analyze current audit exposures and understand historical compliance performance—revealing actionable insights that aren’t readily available in complex spreadsheets.


For example, the CertCapture database can be queried at any time to answer questions such as:

  • How many exemption certificates are we missing?
  • How many active certificates are invalid?
  • How many certificates have expired?
  • What’s happening with certificates in a given state?
  • How many new certificates have been collected in recent days, weeks and months?

With such quick access to visual representations of this information, everyone at your organization can more easily understand overall audit risk in less than five minutes. Reports show current and historical compliance performance to easily pick up on trends and other spikes in action.

Here are some ways you can start leveraging CertCapture’s new reporting dashboard today:

  1. Get an accurate picture of certificate creation volumes to help with hiring and staffing decisions and be able to track success of requests for new certificates:
Avalara CertCapture Reporting
  1. View the number of expired certificates over a set time period:
Avalara CertCapture Reporting
  1. View where the majority of exemption certificates are coming from to identify high volumes of tax-exempt partners and allocate tax compliance resources accordingly:
Avalara CertCapture Reporting
  1. View the top ten reasons for sales tax exemptions to gain a solid understanding of your customer base:
4. View the top ten reasons for sales tax exemptions to gain a solid understanding of your customer base:

With these insights, it’s easier than ever to prioritize exemption certificates based on what will be most important to an auditor, and to more accurately determine how much to set aside in accrual accounts.

To learn how Avalara CertCapture can empower decision makers across your organization with these exemption certificate insights, request a demo today!

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