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The CRUSH Files: Kelly S Mathews LLC, Motor Fuels Tax Experts

  • Apr 17, 2017 | Avalara

For CRUSH AUSTIN 2017, Avalara’s national tax compliance conference May 2–3 in Austin, Texas, we chatted briefly with Kelly Mathews, president of Kelly S Mathews LLC (KSMLLC), a CRUSH Gold Sponsor and leading provider of compliance, consulting, and software implementation services for oil and gas industry clients. Kelly told us a bit about what KSMLLC does and why her company is sponsoring this year’s conference.

Companies want to meet their motor fuels tax reporting and compliance requirements in as few clicks as possible. How is Kelly S Mathews LLC making that happen, and what is unique about Kelly S Mathews LLC’s product or service?

KSMLLC provides oil and gas industry clients with highly specialized motor fuel tax compliance, consulting, and software implementation services. Whether it’s establishing or refining a return preparation process, researching motor fuels tax issues, or providing ease in implementation of Avalara Returns Excise, KSMLLC covers all facets to help clients efficiently and effectively meet motor fuels tax reporting and compliance obligations. Our commitment to this specialty area for over 13 years provides a depth of knowledge in the motor fuels tax area not typically found in other accounting, law, or consulting firms.

Why did you sponsor CRUSH AUSTIN 2017, and what do you hope to get out of the conference?

We value our implementation partnership with Avalara, and we understand what role Avalara plays in the improvement of motor fuels tax reporting (among many other things!). We decided to sponsor CRUSH because it’s Avalara! As sponsors and attendees, we hope to learn more about the companies who use Avalara, to hear about the challenges faced by those companies, and to show industry participants and leaders that KSMLLC is dedicated to the niche area of motor fuels tax.

Join KSMLLC and other sponsors for CRUSH AUSTIN 2017, May 2–3 in Austin, Texas. Visit our website that includes all sponsors, conference sessions, speaker bios, location information, after-hours activities, and more!


Kelly S Mathews LLC specializes in providing volume-based U.S. state and federal motor fuels tax compliance, consulting, and software implementation services to clients in the oil and gas industry. Their firm has experience in motor fuels tax return preparation across all 50 states and at the federal level, including ExSTARS reporting. KSMLLC has addressed a variety of motor fuels tax issues for clients, including motor fuels tax licensing, tax determination, and audit support.

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