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5 ways to keep your ecommerce customers buying this summer

  • Jun 6, 2017 | Laura McCamy

As the lazy days of summer roll out, your ecommerce customers may point their browsers at beach vacations and getaway flights and away from your online store. Unless you sell camping gear or beach chairs, June and July are no match for November and December.

Still, your inventory doesn’t have to sit lonely on the shelves just because it’s summer. Here are some ways to lure ecommerce customers and get them clicking the buy button this summer.

1. Give your ecommerce customers seasonal treats

Maybe you’re not in the business of selling sun hats or beach towels, but isn’t there something in your product line that screams summer fun? Retool your images and copy to appeal to your ecommerce customers’ wanderlust.

A fuzzy blanket might be the perfect thing to take car camping. A badminton set is even more fun when you play on the beach.

Change your marketing to meet shoppers where they are in summer: on vacation or dreaming about their next trip.

2. Open your arms to international ecommerce customers

It’s vacation time in the northern hemisphere, but it’s still winter in the south. Offer international shipping and expand your marketing to reach more international customers. You can sell snowboards and mittens all year long, if you think globally.

3. Lure your ecommerce customers with sale events

Keep your inventory from getting stale by offering special summer sales. Have a customer appreciation day event and give your best customers a discount code. Offer irresistible discounts to keep your merchandise moving.

Take advantage of summer holidays to tie into special promotions. Hype your maritime flag poster on Flag Day (June 14). Sell sun pendants on the Summer Solstice (June 21). Get the kids to buy something for mom and dad on Parents’ Day (July 23). And don’t forget Fido -- National Dog Day is August 26.

4. Bundle your ecommerce products

Bundle your products into sets that your ecommerce customers can’t resist. Your jam and honey and crackers are all appealing individually. Put them in a basket with a bow on top and now you’ve got the perfect thank you gift for Aunt Jane who lets you stay in her cabin by the lake every year. One pair of striped socks is cool, but a box of socks in six different color combinations is a stripy sock bonanza and a great deal.

Ecommerce customers respond to bundling. They appreciate the price break and the convenience of getting everything they need with one click. You get to move more merchandise. It’s a win-win.

5. Highlight back to school products

Whether they like it or not, your ecommerce customers know that the next school year is right around the corner. It’s not too early to promote the items that they will need once they turn away from summer fun and back to the serious business of fall.

Find new ways to connect with your ecommerce customers and you can turn your summer slump upside down.

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