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The CRUSH Files: Live from CRUSH DC with Judy Vorndran

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  • May 11, 2018 | Alan Holley

“This is my third conference with the Avalara group. I've been to every single one — it is probably the best conference I've ever been to for tax geeks like us!”

Judy Vorndran — a nationally recognized thought leader and award-winning instructor with a steady focus on state and local tax issues — has long been a proponent of sales tax compliance automation as well as a fan and attendee of Avalara’s CRUSH event. Now joining us in Washington, D.C. for CRUSH DC, Judy shares her thoughts on this year’s conference, the fun and excitement surrounding it, and the educational value it holds.

Learn more about Avalara’s annual CRUSH event at www.avalaracrush.com.

Avalara Author
Alan Holley
Avalara Author Alan Holley
Alan is a social media specialist at Avalara working with partners and influencers in the accounting industry. As part of Avalara’s ongoing mission to build thriving relationships with accounting and bookkeeping firms, Alan is committed to adding value to online communities through the sharing of digital resources and engagement on social media platforms.