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Sales taxes and your startup exit plan

When you started your startup, your goal was likely just to create a viable company. You probably weren’t thinking about your startup exit plan. Before too much time passes, you should. Statistics ...Continued

Sales taxes for your growing startup

You’ve founded your first startup and things are going great. Perhaps your mustache trimmers are selling like crazy to hipsters from coast to coast. Or your monkey-themed baby clothing is driving new ...Continued

When Do California Sellers Need a Seller's Permit?

Interested in doing business in California? You might be wondering about which permits and licenses are required. While the answers can vary, most Californians looking to sell merchandise will...Continued

Closing Your Small Business

It’s an often-heard statistic: 50 percent of all small businesses fail in the first year, and within five years, 95 percent will fail. Often heard, yes. But not particularly accurate for two ...Continued

Should You Notify Customers of Their Use Tax Obligations?

As if collecting sales tax isn’t complicated enough, some states are passing laws that require out-of-state sellers to notify their purchasers that use tax may be required on transactions. ...Continued

4 Tips for a Customer-Pleasing Refund Policy

Providing refunds and accepting returns are part of every online seller's merchandising experience. What some entrepreneurs may not understand is that how they handle the return/refund proce...Continued

‘Tis the Season: 3 Reasons to Register to Collect Sales Tax Immediately

For retailers, the holiday season appears to come on all too quickly each year. No matter how thorough you are in preparing for the chaotic end-of-year traffic, there'll always be some new issue ...Continued

Food Sales Tax for Missouri Retailers: Which Items Qualify for the Reduction?

Depending where a taxpayer lives, there may or may not be sales tax on food. States like Arizona, North Dakota, and Indiana charge no sales tax on groceries, while states like New York and Colorado ex...Continued

6 Creative Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Online Business

Online sellers face the same challenge as businesses everywhere -- they must always attract new customers. But if you've tried conventional strategies and come up short, what's the best alternative? ...Continued

10 Easy Ways You Can Generate Buzz For Your Business

You may have the greatest online product or service anyone’s ever seen, but if no one’s talking about it, chances are you’re not having great sales. The key is creating buzz, that in...Continued