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The AuditAccount endpoint

The AuditAccount endpoint provides a history that contains records of all API calls made against the AvaTax REST API. ...Continued

AvaTax API 19.9 Patch Notes

This article is about the September 2019 monthly update to the Avalara API....Continued

How to use the AuditTransaction endpoint

The AuditTransaction endpoint can help developers retrieve audit information about a transaction stored in AvaTax. ...Continued

How to adjust transactions in AvaTax

What happens when a customer reports that they want to make a change? ...Continued

Avalara’s AvaTax API is code for "get tax right"

Try our fast and easy developer demo of Avalara’s transaction tax API....Continued

Avalara Customs Duty and Import Tax Badge

Read this developer tutorial to learn about selling goods cross-border in an ecommerce environment....Continued

How sales tax is impacted by incorporated and unincorporated addresses

A common question we see here in Developer Relations is: Why is the total sales tax different for locations in the same ZIP code? ...Continued

RefundTransaction vs ReturnInvoice in the AvaTax API

When you find you need to refund a transaction, you have two options to create your return invoice: Use the RefundTransaction API endpoint Use the CreateTransaction API endpoint with `type = ReturnInv...Continued

General Delivery in AvaTax

What is General Delivery? General Delivery is a United States Postal System means to temporarily route mail for customers who lack a permanent location. Examples of this might be: • customers who want...Continued

Using $include with CreateTransaction

The CreateTransaction endpoint is one of our most used endpoints, so we’ve baked in a certain flexibility to allow our users to ensure they get the exact information they need. How did we do this? Our...Continued