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AvaTax API tax rates for complex line level rounding and tax laws

The Avalara engineering team built AvaTax so it can solve tax problems for you and make your life easier. We solve compliance problems of all shapes and sizes; and our software must be both accurate a...Continued

Custom HTML Tags

Custom HTML Tags How to design better UI components and avoid over-engineering tl;dr: it’s a new approach and it’s NOT another js thing vying for market share. Yay! HTML now and forever I like writing...Continued

Why Sales Tax Calculation Is Crucial For Your Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Ecommerce rollouts can be complicated, with many moving parts. With all the demands businesses place on eCommerce systems, it can be easy to treat sales tax calculation as an afterthought. That’s a mi...Continued

The Hidden Cost of "Free" Tax Tables

In seeking a sales-tax compliance solution, many companies — especially younger, smaller ones — may turn to free tax-rate tables, using them to manually figure out how much sales tax to charge custome...Continued

AvaTax nominated for Best Public API of 2018

Avalara nominated for Nordic APIs Best Public API of 2018 – Voting starts today! Avalara has been nominated for Nordic APIs’ Best Public API of 2018 award! Nordic APIs is a prestigious, global communi...Continued

October API Developer Events in Seattle

The Avalara Developer Relations Team is excited to announce it will have a presence at two upcoming events in the local developer community. Ted Spence, Director of the AvaTax API Team, will make a sh...Continued

How to Calculate E-Waste Tax in California

In this post, we will demonstrate how to calculate e-waste tax in California. First, we need to understand unit-based rates and their implementation. Many tax rates and tariffs are ad valorem, which m...Continued

What is sales tax nexus?

VIDEO: Nexus In an earlier video, we covered how your organization’s tax profile is determined. Now, let’s explore the concept of nexus. What exactly is nexus, you may ask? Nexus is most simply define...Continued

Determining a company's tax profile - nexus, exemptions and taxability

VIDEO: What’s My Tax Profile? Before using the AvaTax API, there are a few basic sales tax principles you need to understand. First and foremost is your organization’s tax profile, which is comprised ...Continued

AvaTax API is the answer to complicated sales tax questions

Sales tax is complex and getting more complex. For example - when is a bagel taxable or tax-free? What is the threshold for taxing clothing and in what jurisdictions is it subject to tax? How do you k...Continued