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How to Validate Addresses with AvaTax API

Calculating sales tax? Ditch the ZIPs and get rooftop-level accuracy with Avalara’s API! Valid addresses are a critical component of accurate tax calculation. I know what you’re thinking – I have the ...Continued

How to Get Tax Data with AvaTax API

Boots, belts and bagels — which ones are tax-free? Here’s how to find out using Avalara’s sales tax API! You need to calculate sales tax, but it’s complicated stuff. In Indiana, marshmallows are taxed...Continued

AvaTax Python SDK now available!

Florida Split Tax Feature for Discretionary SurTax

Struggling with the Florida Discretionary Sales Tax over your multiple invoices? AvaTax can help! We all know tax is complicated, but when you add in the Florida Discretionary Sales Surtax, it becomes...Continued

When to use batches

Process transactions in bulk - is it right for your organization? Avalara offers two options for processing your organization’s transactions – one at a time through the CreateTransaction end point or ...Continued

How to Calculate Customs Duties in REST

We are excited about our updated customs duty calculation functionality in REST. If you previously used the customs duty calculator in REST, your requests will still work. If you are just starting out...Continued

HS Code Search in REST

How Do I Know Which HS Code to Use? In this post, we will discuss how customers can use our REST API to find the appropriate Harmonized System (HS) Code for items shipped across country borders. For t...Continued

AvaTax C# SDK Upgrade

Avalara was advised of an issue affecting some users of the AvaTax C# SDK. In some environments, the C# SDK submitted HTTP verbs in lowercase, which is not always permitted by firewall and router rule...Continued

The CRUSH DC Business Case

If you’re a developer working on building tax compliance solutions, then we hope you’ll consider coming to CRUSH DC, the premier event for transaction tax professionals. The event is from May 9-11 in ...Continued

Negative Transactions

This week I returned a doormat to Costco. I love Costco’s return policies; I was able to buy a mat to try it out, and when we discovered it wasn’t a good fit for our garage I was able to return it and...Continued