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Office Hours with AvaTax

Avalara’s crack team of engineers receives dozens of questions every week from developers using our APIs, SDKs and documentation, and we want to answer as many as we can. To that end, we’re excited to...Continued

Developer Track at CRUSH 2018 Conference

Need to build fast, easy tax compliance solutions? Come to CRUSH DC 2018 and find out how! Are you a developer looking to build solutions that make tax compliance fast, easy and, most important of all...Continued

AvaTax Developer Guide

If including tax calculation and remittance capabilities into your application has been daunting, tiresome, and therefore easy to put on the back burner, we understand. Your users need these capabilit...Continued

New Developer API Reference

As part of our commitment to the Open API initiative, Avalara’s development team knows that the quality of the documentation we use matters. Our customers rely on us to make tax simple: our documentat...Continued

How to Handle Freight & Handling Charges

Wait, I need to include a shipping charge in my transaction? Often relegated to a single notation on an invoice, shipping and handling charges play an important role in the tax calculation of a docume...Continued

Troubleshooting Connectivity Problems

Getting started with any new piece of software can take a bit of time. AvaTax is in use today by tens of thousands of customers processing billions of transactions per year – but they all had to start...Continued

Performance Tuning with AvaTax

After more than a decade of offering the world-leading AvaTax software suite, we’ve learned a bit about providing high performance software for our thousands of customers worldwide. Our high performan...Continued

CRUSH! Austin 2017

Interested in learning more about Avalara’s suite of tax products and services? Come join us at CRUSH AUSTIN 2017, the premier conference for transactional tax compliance automation. Here, you’ll find...Continued

Customer Exemption Handling

You’re all set to build an integration into AvaTax for your client when they bring up another facet of their business with you not previously mentioned: They need to properly calculate for the tax exe...Continued

What's a DocStatusError?

So you’re using the AvaTax API, and you attempt to create a transaction just like usual - but this time, you get a new error message: DocStatusError. What does this error mean, and how should my code ...Continued