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Customer Exemption Handling

You’re all set to build an integration into AvaTax for your client when they bring up another facet of their business with you not previously mentioned: They need to properly calculate for the tax exe...Continued

What's a DocStatusError?

So you’re using the AvaTax API, and you attempt to create a transaction just like usual - but this time, you get a new error message: DocStatusError. What does this error mean, and how should my code ...Continued

Free TaxRates API

Want to try out AvaTax before you buy? As of the February release, AvaTax now offers both a free TaxRates API and a free trial of AvaTax - both of which are available today in the AvaTax SDK! Free Tax...Continued

The AvaTax Release Schedule

Many of you know that Avalara publishes updates to its world-leading AvaTax software suite for tax processing roughly once per month, but do you know how our process works? For today’s article, we’ll ...Continued

Lifecycle of a Transaction

The centerpiece of Avalara’s world-leading AvaTax service is the ‘Transaction’. A Transaction can reflect one of many different types of business documents, and it’s worth discussing how a transaction...Continued

Declaring Nexus in REST v2

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is “Where do I need to collect taxes?” The challenge of determining which jurisdictions you fall under is a complex one. In the United States, the rule th...Continued

From REST v1 to REST v2

As Easy as v1, v2… Well, not exactly, but it’s definitely easy to switch from our REST v1 to our REST v2 and the benefits are huge. We’ve built a wide range of functionality into our new REST v2 API a...Continued

Who pays for customs duties and import taxes?

Update March 22, 2018 - AvaTax REST has a new syntax for representing DDP. This post is retained for historical purposes and the information around DDP and DAP remains relevant. You may read about the...Continued

Address Validation in REST v2

In addition to calculating tax, the AvaTax suite of products can also help you produce a robust user experience for your customers. If your customer provides a partial or mistyped address, the Address...Continued

CertCapture REST API Part II