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CertCapture REST API Part I

Relationships and Filtering Today I wanted to discuss two pieces of the CertCapture v2 REST API that are important to any customers of CertCapture who wish to consume our API and critical to any devel...Continued

Point-of-Sale Data API

One of the most common questions we get from our point-of-sale customers is about the need to operate in a disconnected environment, while maintaining the same level of accuracy of a connected environ...Continued

Types of Transactions

AvaTax is a full service engine for calculating transactional taxes, including sales, use, VAT, and many other tax types. In order to properly calculate taxes in these different circumstances, AvaTax ...Continued

Geocoding in REST v2

The tax on your transactions is heavily dependent on where the transactions occur. In the US sales and use tax world, transactions are generally taxed based on either the “Origin” or “Destination” - b...Continued

Estimating Tax with REST v2

The AvaTax REST API provides lots of different levels of estimated tax values, and sometimes it may be hard to know the right way to estimate tax for your customers. For today’s blog article, I will b...Continued

Batched Transactions in REST v2

Uploading Batched Transactions One of the most common inquiries we get at Avalara is about the need to reconcile, or publish, a full list of a company’s transactions at the end of the month. Many busi...Continued

Cross-Border Customs Duty Calculations with REST v2

Updated March 22, 2018 - AvaTax REST has a new syntax for making LandedCost calculations. This post is retained for historical purposes. You may read about the new LandedCost integration at https://de...Continued

Filtering in AvaTax REST v2

I'm sure I left this somewhere... The REST API pattern is designed to make it easy to store and retrieve data. Every piece of data in REST is assigned a single unique URL - and you can always fetch th...Continued