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Getting Started With Avalara's APIs

First Steps with Avalara APIs Not well versed in Computer Programming yet? Not a problem!- You can access the power of Avalara’s new AvaTax API in no time just like I did! Hello, as a fresh Intern wit...Continued

GetTax For Excel? Really?

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. At least, that’s what I first thought when I had heard that it was possible to make web requests in VBA. Then I thought about how many people use Excel f...Continued

New Site!

Frequent visitors to the site may have noticed some big changes this week! With the resources of Avalara’s Incubator team, we’ve launched a brand new site that offers a number of great improvements. J...Continued

Tax Rates Client Library for Node

The Avalara Developer Relations team is boldly going (cue music) into node.js. We released our first node.js helper library in August for the TaxRates.com API. This is our free and simple API for gett...Continued

Performance Optimization of the AvaTax Core Calculation Platform

Over the past year we’ve invested in our core tax calculation engine, growing SAits features, expanding its reach, and making it faster and faster. This has presented some amazing challenges, especia...Continued

AvaTax PHP SDK updated to v15.5.0.0

We’ve just recently updated our PHP library on Github. Release Notes: Match with the latest AvaTax WSDL v15.5.0.0. Added the following functions in AccountSvc, Ping IsAuthorized FetchCompany – It fetc...Continued

Using our C# SOAP Libs with TLS 1.2

One of the fun parts of my job is getting to field developer support requests. Besides the joy of being able to solve a customer’s problem and make them happy, I often get to fire up a development env...Continued

New Terms and Conditions

Avalara just posted a new version of our AvaTax terms and conditions, effective January 1, 2016. New Ts and Cs are always an opportunity for some fun recreational reading, but these are especially exc...Continued

FinDEVr's Wacky World of Sales Tax Video

Looks like the guys from FinDEVr has published all the videos from the latest event in San Francisco on their website. Here’s the video recording of the presentation I gave at the event. http://finova...Continued

DefragCon and APIStrat 2015!

This week I had the great pleasure of talking at DefragCon 2015. I talked about the technological and political implications around using API descriptions to build a Developer Portal. This is somethin...Continued