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FinDEVr's Wacky World of Sales Tax Video

Looks like the guys from FinDEVr has published all the videos from the latest event in San Francisco on their website. Here’s the video recording of the presentation I gave at the event. http://finova...Continued

DefragCon and APIStrat 2015!

This week I had the great pleasure of talking at DefragCon 2015. I talked about the technological and political implications around using API descriptions to build a Developer Portal. This is somethin...Continued

FinDEVr & Integrate 2015 Presentations

How to Build a Successful API Certification Program - Integrate 2015 from Loke Tan A few weeks ago I had the honor of speaking at two developer conferences that were held in California. The first was ...Continued

Superset WSDL for Brazilian Calculation!

More SOAP! As we’ve moved to providing better and more precise international calculation, Avalara has found that our current API doesn’t capture everything we might need. We want to provide more preci...Continued

How is tax calculated?

Wacky Sales Tax Facts

Here’s fun food related sales-tax fact. Did you know that if you bought a bagel in New York, you’re exempt from Sales Tax? but with one caveat, it’s not sliced so you’d have to do this yourself. I fo...Continued

Attitude Adjustment

Earlier today, I was talking to a colleague about some taxation reporting scenarios. Yes: this is the kind of thrilling stuff we talk about every day (and, for that matter, so could you)! “What should...Continued

Migrating Your PHP Dev Environment to Windows 10

If you’ve been reading our blog, you might remember me posting about using our PHP samples for AvaTax with PHP and Windows. Once my personal machines were upgraded to Windows 10 (still waiting for cor...Continued

Weekly Developer Open-House Chats

In the months of August & September, Our team will be hosting a weekly online open-house chat via Google Hangouts. We will be online for up to two hours and will be available to answer questions, prov...Continued

Open Source Documentation

Since launching this developer site three years ago, we’ve made continued improvements to both the content and the site itself. One of the areas that has seen the most change is the API reference - it...Continued