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WSDL Changes in AvaTax release 15.4

The next AvaTax release (15.4) scheduled for August 5th 2015 will include some minor WSDL changes to include a few additional parameters. We do not foresee any impact to your code but we wanted everyo...Continued

Wacky Sales Tax Facts

Did you know that most developers will tell you that Sales Tax can be determined by using zip code alone? They’re sorely mistaken as it takes more than just zip codes to determine accurate sales tax r...Continued

Node Libraries for AvaTax

I’m using my blog post this month to start a conversation. I’m beginning work on an NPM module to simplify the AvaTax REST interface for node.js. This leaves me with two questions I’d like to pose: Ha...Continued

The Business of Sales Tax is Bizarre!

I’m not an economist, neither am I an accountant. The only exposure I have to the concept of accounting or economics were when we were forced to take these classes in college, but I’ve learned a ton w...Continued

Maximum Line Count Increased!

As of the last service release to development, the maximum number of allowed lines on a GetTaxRequest has been increased from a mere 1000 to a spacious 15,000! This will allow longer documents to be p...Continued

Getting our PHP Samples Running on Windows

As I said in my introduction, I’m a Zend Certified PHP Engineer. I may not have mentioned that, like many developers, I tend to trust my abilities probably more than I should, jump into projects head ...Continued

Loke as in Joke

Hi! My name is Loke (pronounced as in Joke but with an “L”). I work with Anya and Greg in Avalara’s Developer Relations team. We’re the team that will be here for you when you need help making sense ...Continued

Oh so that's who that is

I’m Anya Stettler, and as someone who has been lurking around for a while, I’ve been tasked with finally introducing myself for real. I do a little of this, a little of that, and a whole lot of docume...Continued

Subject: So Much New We Can't Even (was: Because Awesome)

I’m Greg Bulmash, and as the FNG (Fabulous New Guru) on the Avalara Developer Relations team, I have been given the lofty assignment of laying down some awesome on the Avalara Developer Network blog t...Continued

Avalara @ Developer Week San Francisco (February 7-11)

Avalara’s Developer Relations & Engineering team will be at the upcoming DeveloperWeek & Accelerate Hackathon events down in San Francisco, CA from February 7th till February 11th. We will be sponsori...Continued