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Excise Tax

Colorado voters approve higher taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products

Out-of-state tobacco product distributors and cigarette wholesalers selling directly to consumers in Colorado will soon be required to collect and remit applicable taxes....Continued

Getting small business excise tax returns right — and right on time

Follow these steps to simplify your excise tax returns process and keep your small business compliant....Continued

Georgia to tax vaping products in 2021

Vaping products are getting taxed in a growing number of states, including Georgia....Continued

The small business challenges of achieving accurate, timely excise tax returns

Every distributor and petroleum marketer knows how difficult it can be to file accurate, timely excise tax returns. These are the pitfalls to avoid....Continued

Sales tax and excise tax: Here’s why you need one solution for both

To help determine if a combined solution would be a wise investment for your company, we look at key areas where a single-solution vendor can make a significant difference....Continued

Excise taxes and fuel delivery services: What companies need to know

Mobile refueling services are the latest innovation in an era of ease and convenience. But complications have the potential to put unprepared companies in a difficult position come tax time. ...Continued

M&A activity and excise tax: Are you prepared?

Understanding and getting ahead of issues that may arise with M&A activity is critical to mitigating potential risk down the road....Continued

Excise tax reconciliation: Reducing risk through automation

Automating excise tax reconciliation can provide a reliable, long-term solution and minimize the risks associated with manual solutions or outsourcing....Continued

Your excise tax manager is retiring – now what?

In the coming years, many excise tax professionals will enjoy a slice of cake at their retirement party. What then?...Continued

Integrated tax management helps reduce risk, streamlines operations for energy companies

Integrating tax management for excise tax and sales and use taxes is a requirement for energy companies to keep up with today’s complex tax environment. ...Continued