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Excise Tax

M&A activity and excise tax: Are you prepared?

Understanding and getting ahead of issues that may arise with M&A activity is critical to mitigating potential risk down the road....Continued

Excise tax reconciliation: Reducing risk through automation

Automating excise tax reconciliation can provide a reliable, long-term solution and minimize the risks associated with manual solutions or outsourcing....Continued

Your excise tax manager is retiring – now what?

In the coming years, many excise tax professionals will enjoy a slice of cake at their retirement party. What then?...Continued

Integrated tax management helps reduce risk, streamlines operations for energy companies

Integrating tax management for excise tax and sales and use taxes is a requirement for energy companies to keep up with today’s complex tax environment. ...Continued

Environmental compliance challenges for fuel suppliers in the U.S. and Canada

Tax compliance has never been simple for fuel suppliers. Now, environmental compliance requirements are making it even more complex. ...Continued

Excise data replication for improved reporting and analysis

Data replication service for our Returns Excise customers can be extremely helpful when a user wants to combine tax data from the cloud with local data for analysis....Continued

Potato development and other curious excise taxes – Wacky Tax Wednesday

You can tell a lot about a state from its taxes, though it’s not always clear exactly what. Consider bail bond tax, potato development tax, and telecommunications tax for the deaf....Continued

Excise Tax 101: Need-to-Know Basics for Energy Traders

Not worried about indirect taxes on energy commodities trades? You should be....Continued

When Taxes Affect Profitability on the Energy Trading Floor

If you want a sure way to increase the profitability of your energy trades, look to your tax team. There's a good chance they'll have some valuable intel you can immediately take to the trading floor....Continued

The uncertain future of the biodiesel tax incentive

A biodiesel tax incentive that has been instrumental in stimulating the U.S. biodiesel industry expired at the end of 2016. It hasn't been reinstated, but a bill that would extend and amend the incent...Continued