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Import and Export

How tariff uncertainties can impact your supply chain

Though there seems to be no end to the ongoing global trade war, there are ways to control the costs of its impact....Continued

Canadian sales tax for U.S. sellers

Tax compliance tips for American businesses selling into Canada....Continued

What a trade war could mean for small businesses and marketplace sellers

Talk of a possible trade war between China and the United States has many American companies worried. Here’s what it could mean for your business. ...Continued

Customs officials cracking down as global trade increases

Selling internationally involves more than making the sale and mailing a package. Global sellers have to properly handle customs duty, import tax, de minimis thresholds, shipping and insurance, and mo...Continued

Easier cross-border ecommerce leads to more challenging customs regulations

Easier international trade is causing a surge in cross-border sales, which is heightening global trade regulations, which are complicating import and export tax compliance and international trade for ...Continued