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What to do if you miss your sales tax deadline

You wake up in the middle of the night, suddenly aware that it's July 31st and your business's sales tax payment is now overdue. Unless you've filed late in the past, your first instinct may be to pan...Continued

How to appeal a sales tax audit finding

Sales tax audits are an unavoidable part of doing business. For large corporations, they can even become routine. However, when a government employee arrives at your front desk, stating it's time for ...Continued

Is Congress about to change nexus as we know it?

If you think you understand how nexus works, everything you know may soon be turned on its head. That's because two bills were assigned to congressional committees on April 27 that could change the ru...Continued

Sales tax returns for nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) have tax-exempt status, allowing them to make purchases without paying sales tax. This has led to the common misconception that they’re completely free from tax liabilit...Continued

The Many Different Sales Tax Scenarios for Board Game Sellers

Manufacturing and selling board games and card games is hot. In fact, if you look on Kickstarter, you’ll find more than 11,000 board game and almost 2,000 card game projects. One game, Kingdom Death: ...Continued

Paying Sales Tax on Time in IL = Discount

Some taxpayers always pay their taxes early, while others are rushing to the post office on deadline day, payment in hand. For Illinois businesses, there’s an extra incentive to get sales tax pa...Continued

3 Best Things About Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon can be pretty cool. Not only can you make a gazillion dollars (well, at least a lot of money), you may also be able to build and manage your empire at home in your pajamas. T...Continued

3 Great Books about Sales Tax for Ecommerce Sellers

There’s a reason a Google search of “ecommerce sales tax info” yields nearly 1.5 million hits. Sales tax compliance is one of the most complex challenges online business owners strug...Continued

What Is Attributional Nexus? And Do You Have It?

In the ever-expanding reach of states trying to broaden the definition of nexus, many have begun to assert nexus on businesses that simply have a relationship or affiliation with another entity doing ...Continued

Food and Sales Tax: a Tricky Recipe

Online sellers often scratch their heads at the intricacies at sales tax compliance. But encountering the thicket of food sales tax laws for the first time can be downright bewildering. Here's a he...Continued