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Sales and Use Tax

Marketplace facilitators to collect Hawaii sales tax for third-party sellers

Learn what marketplace facilitators need to do to be tax compliant in Hawaii....Continued

The plot thickens: Minnesota’s taxable and nontaxable detective services

Why are some services taxable and some exempt? It's not elementary....Continued

States that tax — and ban — vapor products

Some states tax vapor products. Some states now ban them. And some states do both....Continued

Let’s get physical in Minnesota (for sales tax purposes only)

It’s tricky to determine nexus, especially for businesses that have a foot (or employee or truck) in more than one state. ...Continued

How does DC tax a soft drink? Let me count the ways – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Is one way of taxing a sweet beverage better than another? ...Continued

When exactly do marketplace facilitators need to collect Wisconsin sales tax?

Are marketplace providers liable for Wisconsin sales tax as of October 1, 2018? Or is it January 1, 2020?...Continued

A state-by-state guide to sales tax on candy (just in time for Halloween)

American businesses will sell about $2.6 billion in candy this year in preparation for Halloween. How should all those tasty treats be taxed?...Continued

You can’t pay Ohio taxes with bitcoin … for now

The 10 taxpayers accustomed to paying Ohio taxes in bitcoin will have to go back to remitting in old-fashioned cash, at least for a time...Continued

Massachusetts cookie law likely to crumble

The cookie nexus rule that took effect in Massachusetts on October 1, 2017, served a purpose for a time. Now it’s just empty calories. ...Continued

The 3 most impactful sales tax nexus laws of 2019: California, New York, and Texas

Do new sales and use tax collection requirements in these three "big dog" states affect your business?...Continued