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Sales and Use Tax

Sales tax holidays in 2018

More than a dozen states offer sales tax holidays every year — limited periods during which specific products are exempt from state, and in some cases local, sales tax. ...Continued

Dental prosthetics in Michigan: exempt, taxable, and exempt again - Wacky Tax Wednesday

Dentures can cost thousands, and in some states, sales tax further increases the price tag. Perhaps that's why some states can't seem to commit to taxing them....Continued

Hawaii reconsiders taxing out-of-state sales

Not for the first time, the Hawaii Legislature is considering imposing its general excise tax on businesses without a physical presence in the state....Continued

Indiana to clarify sales tax status of software as a service in 2019

Many states struggle with the vexing problem of how to tax software as a service. Indiana is looking to clarify its policy in the coming years....Continued

State discounts for filing sales tax on time

While all states penalize businesses for late and incorrect sales tax returns, close to 30 incentivize timely filing by offering a sales tax filing discount to businesses that file returns and remit p...Continued

Governors propose surprisingly specific state sales tax changes – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Some astoundingly specific sales tax line items often make it into state budget proposals....Continued

Amazon to share FBA seller information with Massachusetts

Amazon has agreed to disclose the identities of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellers with inventory in Massachusetts to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue by Jan. 26, 2018. What's the fallout for ...Continued

Cuomo proposes internet fairness tax on online sales into New York

New York looks to tax sales by out-of-state marketplace sellers....Continued

When population determines class, and class determines a city’s tax capability – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Only some classifications of cities in Missouri are entitled to levy a sales tax....Continued

Amazon and Etsy are complying with Washington’s marketplace sales tax law: what that means for sellers

Like Amazon, Etsy is now collecting and remitting sales tax on behalf of its marketplace sellers in Washington state. As a result, neither company has to comply with the state's new use tax notice and...Continued